Recolouring Grout is

We return grout & tile surfaces to like new condition in just hours and you can make a serious living doing so!



Gavin started Oct 2022, earned £14k Jan/Feb 2023 & purchased 4 more areas!
8 new GroutGleamers joined in Jan/Feb 2023
3 GroutGleamers purchased additional areas in Jan/Feb 2023
In Q3 2022 our 1st USA franchise launched
In 2021 our first female franchisee joined. We now have 4.
Our franchisee age range is from 18 to 72
As of Q1 2023 we have circa 50 people covering 100+ areas
Many new starters earn £1,000+ per week within 6-8 weeks
Almost ZERO Competition
Huge Commercial & Domestic Market
Funding Available
GroutGleam founder, Simon Parker’s interview about the GroutGleam franchise aired on Sky channel 182, Saturday 25th March 2023 at 7pm on Discover Britain


GROUT RECOLOURING - Our Flagship Service



Transform Your Tired, Old And Permanantly Stained Grout Lines


A fast and affordable transformation

Our Specially Formulated Compounds Attack Hard Water, Limescale And Oil Deposits On Your Shower Screen


The invisible shield protecting
your glass, tiles and grout

We Use Specially Formulated Compounds That Attack Hard
Water, Limescale And Oil Deposits On Glass Keep Limescale
And Hard Water Deposits At Bay


want to be a groutgleamer ?

Approved Technician

Hands-on Operator

£ 5,820

(inc VAT £ 6,984)


Hands-On & Management Operator

£ 8,730

(inc VAT £ 10,476)


Team Management Operator

£ 11,640

(inc VAT £ 13,968)


Working closely with our preferred funder we can offer funding to almost all applicants. Typically funding is available for the initial license cost, additional stock, set up costs, working capital and VAT. The process is very simple and straightforward as long as you have an ok credit history and the loan is deemed affordable. And don’t worry, we can help you with the required business plan, sales projections and cashflow forecasting.

Our preferred funder offers


Loan Term – 5 Years
Loan AmountMonthly Repayments
£ 5,000 £ 96.66
£ 7,000 £ 135.33
£ 10,000 £ 193.33
Loan repayments quoted above were updated and correct as of 10th March 2023.



Why should I choose to join GroutGleam ?

There are numerous reasons why you should seriously consider the GroutGleam opportunity. Over and above the fantastic services we offer and the potential to earn some serious money, please consider the following.

  • 5 year agreement with NO RENEWAL FEE - you don’t pay again to stay in the business
  • Break option at 12 months - you can walk away penalty free after 1 year, no questions asked
  • No royalties - we do not take a percentage of your earnings
  • No minimum spend on consumables - you are not committed to minimum annual spend
  • Low monthly management fee of just £95 plus VAT (£114) from your 3rd active month. This is regardless of whether you have a single, double or triple area.

How many other franchises offer favourable terms such as those above? Be sure to ask about all these points when considering any franchise.

ALSO, it’s important to know what was your franchisors attitude towards their franchisees during the pandemic, how did they assist their network. Here at GroutGleam, we didn’t charge our monthly management fee for 21 months, only restarting in January 2022. We also gave everyone the option to walk away from their agreement penalty free if they wished. We have heard some outrageous horror stories, how people had to continue paying huge monthly fees even when they couldn’t work or function as a business.

Tell me more about GroutGleam and how you see the company developing ?

Our aim is to identify compelling, effective and affordable ‘pain point’ solutions and services in untapped mass markets. Specialising in rejuvenation, restoration and protection services utilising unique products, tools, cutting edge technology and industry know-how. These services will be made available to the consumer, professional, industrial and trade markets via a network of Approved Technicians who adopt and embrace the fresh category launching/defining opportunities we introduce ensuring we stay several steps ahead of any future copycat competitors.

What makes you so confident the GroutGleam service will be popular ?

Don’t ask us, ask anyone and we’re confident you’ll hear the same response we’ve heard over and over again. Dirty discoloured grout is a genuine problem with no simple solution – until now that is. This is one of the reasons we felt it important to retain the GroutGleam branding despite offering more than just grout recolouring services. The name has helped with our marketing as people immediately understand and appreciate the service, having had first hand experience of the problem themselves. Plus our recolouring compounds helps prevent the problem reoccurring. For even more protection we can offer game changing all-in-one nano coatings. Then we have our shower glass restoration service for hard water stains. All big problems and now all with genuine solutions that you can seriously profit from whilst saving the customer a small fortune when compared to the alternatives.

When did the GroutGleam business opportunity launch ?

We officially launched GroutGleam on February 15th 2018 at the International Franchise Show held at ExCeL in London. The launch at the show coincided with our listing on the Franchise Direct website.

Why does GroutGleam cost so much less than almost all the other business opportunities ?

GroutGleam is a serious business proposition. Rather than setting huge entry fees we firmly believe our income should be derived from your replenishment of stock and not from a large upfront license fee. This approach ensures your success is as important to us as it is to you!
  • Low level start up costs
  • Territory flexibility - we map the area you want, subject to availability
  • Start-up finance option
  • Generous, comprehensive starter package
  • Enough stock to recoup your initial vestment
  • Training & support
  • Little competition, yet high demand for our product & service portfolio
We believe all these facts make for a very compelling proposition indeed!

Is my area available ?

To find out if your area is available, just ASK!

Can I have more than one area ?

Yes of course, in fact we have various financial incentives for multiple territories. A double size territory is just 1.5 times the cost of a single territory. A triple size territory is just 2 times (double) the cost of a single territory. For the double/triple territory opportunity we will need to feel confident that you have the capability and desire to build a team.

What is the background of the people behind GroutGleam ?

Our background has revolved around new products and product sourcing, identifying new to market ‘sensations’ and launching through our various channels. Having done this for over 20 years we are exceptionally well connected in many parts of the world. We are regularly offered new product opportunities. Having a proven track record in launching category defining products, our expertise is identifying the products which truly solve pain points and have mass market appeal. We have won Product of the Year awards, most recently for Garden Accessory of the Year in 2015. In 2016 we were invited, and accepted, a small official role at an invention competition in the US which we continue to be part of. This event was so popular it is now filmed and broadcast as a TV series in the US. 

What type of person are you looking for to be a GroutGleam Approved Technician ?

We seek keen, hungry, diligent, motivated individuals looking to operate a hands-on operation within a defined territory. There are territory management opportunities for those who prefer to run a team of Approved Technicians. Plus international master license requests will be considered for credible candidates. Hands-on single territories are available from only £5,820 plus VAT. At the end of the day our success depends on your success so it is very important to us that we work with the right people.

Do I need a van and an office ?

Not at all. None of our equipment is large, heavy or cumbersome so will easily fit in the boot of a car. Being based from home works perfectly with this business. Great for keeping overheads low.

Is this opportunity suitable for both ladies and gentleman ?

Absolutely yes. This is not a gender specific business. We have ladies in the network who are just as successful as the men. Age also is not a factor, our network ranges from 18 to 72!

Do I have to be a DIY expert ?

Not at all. No skill set or previous experience is required. We provide training and support. A little practice is all that is required.

I like what I hear, what is the next step and how long does it take to join ?

Reach out to us, make an appointment to meet online, call or email. If you prefer to meet face to face that is great, we welcome meeting you in person - we are based on the Beds/Bucks border. We do need to “meet" everyone before they join whether that be online or face to face – remember it is imperative we select the right people, our network is only as good as the people in it. If you decide to join and we think you are a good fit for GroutGleam you need to pay a 10% deposit to secure your defined territory and generate the contract. We recommend you have your legal advisor look over the contract. Once you are ready to proceed, the agreement needs e-signing and the balance of the joining fee needs settling. We then start our internal onboarding process which can take 2-3 weeks. At this point your training will be booked and your starter pack dispatched. Technically you could be operational in as little as 3 weeks. If you require funding the process is likely to take 5-7 weeks.

How many Approved Technicians are you looking to appoint ?

We have no set figure but I would estimate around 120. On average people invest in 2 territories which  means those 120 people would be working a total of 240 territories. There are approx 300 workable territories in the UK. We are not rushing and are very selective with whom we invite to join. It is important the network grows at a manageable speed. At the start of 2023 we were over a third of the way to our goal. If it hadn’t been for covid we would most likely have been two thirds towards our goal. Incidentally during covid we didn’t charge our management fee for 21 months from April 2020 to December 2022 no fees were charged to the network. We also gave everyone the opportunity to walk away from their contract if they wished. We very proud of this and I believe it goes some way to show we are thoroughly decent folk here at GroutGleam!



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